#3 — Mari Asp Rocks a Decade-Strong Bench Press Record


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I first met Mari Asp in 2011 and interviewed her for a blog series with kick-ass people. Now we’re back for more. Mari is an incredibly tough human being who holds several world records, including the women’s bench press record at:

  • the 123 lbs weight class: 314 lbs (2008)
  • the 132 lbs weight class: 330 lbs (2010)
  • the 165 lbs weight class: 347.5 lbs (2005)

Here’s a video of her setting one of her records

All three records are still standing, which is just incredible. Mari started her athletic career as a gymnast in Norway, and was a junior national champion before getting injured. Her friend suggested she take up powerlifting and the rest was history. Tune into the podcast to learn:

  • why she chose to train 6 days a week instead of the 3 that most power lifters choose to train
  • how her coach Charles Glass helped her figure out the best training system for her style
  • why she focuses on doing heavy or lift days based on feel instead of number
  • the reason why she likes to be a little tired before her competitions
  • what made her such a great lifter