#6—Gihan Amarasiriwardena and the Fastest James Bond Style Half Marathon


Gihan is the co-founder of Ministry of Supply, a men’s clothing company that offers blazers, shirts, and pants optimized for fit, feel, and function. In November of 2015, Gihan set the Guinness World Record for the fastest half-marathon (the Glouster Half Merrython) while wearing a full suit, a record previously held by a runner wearing a rival clothing brand. The record earned coverage in outlets like Runner’s World and Fast Company.

Drone Footage

Tune into this interview to hear:

  • How he fit 55-65 miles a week during his training for the record which included Thanksgiving and a 6 city international trip in Asia
  • The most uncomfortable part of running in a suit
  • How their dress pants’ V2 upgrades helped Gihan run more comfortably
  • The running school record that’s been held by both his older and younger brother
  • How a guy named Kyle made a difference in the race
  • Why Gihan’s favorite quote comes from an Apollo commander Jim McDivit