#6—Gihan Amarasiriwardena and the Fastest James Bond Style Half Marathon


Gihan is the co-founder of Ministry of Supply, a men’s clothing company that offers blazers, shirts, and pants optimized for fit, feel, and function. In November of 2015, Gihan set the Guinness World Record for the fastest half-marathon (the Glouster Half Merrython) while wearing a full suit, a record previously held by a runner wearing a rival clothing brand. The record earned coverage in outlets like Runner’s World and Fast Company.

Drone Footage

Tune into this interview to hear:

  • How he fit 55-65 miles a week during his training for the record which included Thanksgiving and a 6 city international trip in Asia
  • The most uncomfortable part of running in a suit
  • How their dress pants’ V2 upgrades helped Gihan run more comfortably
  • The running school record that’s been held by both his older and younger brother
  • How a guy named Kyle made a difference in the race
  • Why Gihan’s favorite quote comes from an Apollo commander Jim McDivit

#5 — Kydani Dover Swimming into the Hall of Fame


Kydani Dover is a boss, and a record-breaking club, high school, and collegiate swimmer. I first met her in March 2016, when we were both being inducted into our high school’s athletic hall of fame. Kydani set 7 records while at North, including for 50-yard freestyle, the 100-yard free style, the 200-yard freestyle, the 200-yard individual medley, the 200-yard medley relay, the 200-yard freestyle relay, and the 400-yard freestyle relay.

At UConn, she was a part of several record-setting freestyle relays, was electe co-captain her senior year, and won an NCAA post-graduate scholarship and is pursuing her PhD at Louisiana State University.

In this interview we cover:

  • the effect that training in club swimming had on her high school and collegiate career
  • why it helps to train with people better than you
  • the fact that her relay swim times, which is more of a team effort, were always faster than her individual times for the same distance
  • how her training changed in college to become more specialized for short and medium distance
  • how being one of the few black swimmers motivated her and made her appreciate her God-given gifts
  • what swimming taught her about perserverance and suffering defeats
  • the advice she’d give her 25 year old self (live in the moment)

#4—Bjørn Nyland Cruises to a Tesla Hypermiling Record

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Bjørn Nyland loves Tesla. I mean like he really loves Tesla. He made dozens of YouTube videos about Tesla while working as a programmer in a university in Norway and now does YouTube work full-time.

In August of 2015, Bjørn and his friend Morgan were able to drive a Tesla Model S 452.8 miles on a single charge on the roads of Denmark, setting a new record and beating the previous record of 423 miles set by a father and son duo in late 2012.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Where he was able to find efficiencies in his approach to set the hypermiling record
  • What he’s learned about getting more distance from your electric vehicle
  • How he was able to win the Tesla refer-a-friend contest and got a tweet from Elon Musk about winning a brand-new Tesla
  • What makes his Tesla Model X Founder’s Edition so special
  • What Tesla driving record Bjørn wants to go after next

#3 — Mari Asp Rocks a Decade-Strong Bench Press Record


This episode is brought to you by Firewatch, a visually stunning and deeply engaging indie game for Steam and PS4.

I first met Mari Asp in 2011 and interviewed her for a blog series with kick-ass people. Now we’re back for more. Mari is an incredibly tough human being who holds several world records, including the women’s bench press record at:

  • the 123 lbs weight class: 314 lbs (2008)
  • the 132 lbs weight class: 330 lbs (2010)
  • the 165 lbs weight class: 347.5 lbs (2005)

Here’s a video of her setting one of her records

All three records are still standing, which is just incredible. Mari started her athletic career as a gymnast in Norway, and was a junior national champion before getting injured. Her friend suggested she take up powerlifting and the rest was history. Tune into the podcast to learn:

  • why she chose to train 6 days a week instead of the 3 that most power lifters choose to train
  • how her coach Charles Glass helped her figure out the best training system for her style
  • why she focuses on doing heavy or lift days based on feel instead of number
  • the reason why she likes to be a little tired before her competitions
  • what made her such a great lifter

#2 — John Bickerton Accelerates to a Land Speed Record for a Public Service Bus


This episode is brought to you by Statwing – an incredibly powerful and easy to use platform for conducting statistical analysis.

Reading Bus is a local bus company that serves Reading, UK, a town outside of London, holds a land speed record for fastest public service bus. What does that mean? Well it means they took a bus that was in service on Sunday, put a few minor tweaks on it on Monday (tires + engine software), set the record on Tuesday at 76.785 MPH, and put the bus back into service on Wednesdays. Their record was covered by news outlets around the world, including the BBCArs Technica, and Boing Boing.

John Bickerton is the chief engineer of Reading Bus and led the effort to set this record along with Malcolm Black, a mechanic at Reading Bus who technically holds the world record as the driver of the bus. Not only did their bus set the world record, they did while running the bus on biomethane, aka cow poo, a renewable energy source that’s carbon neutral fuel source and also makes the bus really quiet. Reading Bus proved they could punch above their weight, lead their industry and lead the world, by pushing their own team, their partners, and their ambitions.

Things we cover in this podcast:

  • Why the #1 success factor for their team was not innovation or boldness but safety
  • The cash bet John won against one of his biggest doubters
  • How Reading Bus’s technology and supplier partners were a key part of their success
  • Why John’s believes female engineers sometimes outperform male engineers in taking on analytical challenges
  • What their plans are for future projects

Note: This episode was recorded in August 2015.

#1 – Introducing Record Breaking


In this episode, Jason explains a bit about what the Record Breaking Podcast is all about, how the show will work, and what listeners can expect from the first season.